Diano Marina Riviera Ligure

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Contact us for the beach package, which includes a reserved umbrella and two sunbeds on the gently sloping sandy beach in the centre of Diano Marina, perfect for children and long walks along the shoreline!

Freedom Vacation

Se preferisci scegliere un soggiorno dalla durata libera, con arrivo in settimana puoi anche prenotare il tuo ombrellone in spiaggia in autonomia con le nostre convenzioni!

If you prefer a flexible stay, arriving during the week allows you to independently book your beach umbrella thanks to our agreements!

We recommend Bagni Paradiso (150 metres away) and Bagni Mar Ligure (300 metres away), the most convenient options for our guests at the new and larger fine gravel beach. You won’t have to walk far to swim in the open sea, ideal for experienced swimmers and those seeking tranquility away from crowds.

Worry-Free Package

(valid from June 15th to September 15th, for stays of 7 nights arriving on Saturday or Sunday)

With our beach-inclusive packages, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We reserve an umbrella and two sunbeds for you at the beach in the centre of Diano Marina, at Bagni Delfino and Bagni Mappamondo (approximately 600 metres from the hotel).

This area features a large sandy beach gently sloping into the sea, served by our dedicated hotel shuttle bus, or easily reachable on walk or with the bicycles we provide free of charge.

N.B. We recommend booking your beach spot directly with your chosen establishment before arriving in Diano Marina to ensure it suits your preferences.

Affiliated Beach Establishments

These establishments are equipped with:

  • changing rooms
  • cold and hot showers
  • toilets, snack bar corner

Contact your preferred affiliated establishment directly:

  • Bagni Paradiso

Phone: +39 338 115 1419


Bagni Mar Ligure

Phone: +39 340 283 5151

  • Bagni Balnearia Diana

Phone: +39 388 155 7319


Information for Other Beaches

There is a free beach in front of our hotel, accessible via directions to Bar Oasi at the end of Vico del Fico. Alternatively, in San Bartolomeo al Mare, there are several free beaches approximately 700 metres from Corallo Wellness Hotel.

In central Diano Marina, there is another small free beach near the marina and another near the unique Semaphore of Diano.

In Golfo Dianese, there is a beach for pets very close to our Corallo Wellness Hotel.

More information about rules to follow with your four-legged friends can be found here: https://turismo.dianomarina.im.it/it/spiagge/spiagge-animali-domestici

For information and contacts regarding the beaches of Diano Marina, visit the website: https://turismo.dianomarina.im.it/it/spiagge/stabilimenti-balneari

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Via Dei Gigli, 5 18013 Diano Marina (IM), Italia