Hotel Corallo Diano Marina
Hotel Corallo Diano Marina
Hotel Corallo Diano Marina
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Diano Marina

Welcome to Diano Marina, the pearl of the Dianese Gulf

The Dianese Gulf, where Diano Marina is the main tourist center, is not a vast area, yet it offers many natural and cultural wonders. The intense blue of the sea creates a perfect contrast with the luxurious green of the hills and of the olive cultivations.

Thanks to a particularly favorable climate, the Dianese territory is perfect not only for summer holidays, as it is suggestive and pleasant also during the fall, winter and spring, when the climate is just as welcoming, mild and luminous. .

Diano Marina

Diano Marina is one of the most famous towns of the Dianese Gulf, especially thanks to its beach – which extends for more than 3 kilometers – that starts near the tourist port and ends at the feet of the Capo Berta cliffs. The soft sand and low sea-beds – which degrade very gradually – make it a perfect choice also for families with children.

Active holidays on the Liguria Riviera

Where there is nature, there is sport! Those in search of active holidays on the Liguria Riviera and near Diano Marina, will find many offers, both by the sea and on land!

Sea lovers will find an abundance of options: sailing, surfing, diving, whale watching (you can observe dolphins and whales in the international cetacean sanctuary) or snorkeling.

The marriage between Liguria & biking is an excellent one: thanks to its mild climate, magical landscape and numerous itineraries, the Liguria Riviera is deeply appreciated by Bicycle tourists. From the hills to the coast, without forgetting the inland historical towns, the region offers countless interesting trails for cycling buffs. Not to mention that this region, famous for the classic Milan–Sanremo stage of the Giro d’Italia, offers a 20 km cycling path on the sea.

Other ideas for short excursions: Laigueglia and Alassio in the direction of Genoa; Mentone when traveling west, just after the French border.

  • Diano Castello
    where you can see the remains of the history of one of the most significant villages of the Liguria region. Here the atmosphere is that of a town with ancient roads and alleys, where time appears to stand still.
  • Diano S.Pietro
    this fascinating village was defended from barbary attacks thanks to the walls surrounding the parish churchyard
  • Diano Arentino
    This town was born from the union of the villages Costa and Chiesa. The town is famous for its XVII century countryside oratories.

Other ideas for short excursions: Laigueglia and Alassio in the direction of Genoa; Mentone when traveling west, just after the French border.

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Hotel Corallo Diano Marina
The Dianese Gulf awaits you for a holiday in Liguria dedicated to the sea, to relaxing, practicing sport and going for pleasant excursions in the surrounding area.
The Trevia family works in the field of tourist hospitality since 1967, and is ready to warmly welcome you in its three hotels. In all three of our hotels in Diano Marina you will find services, comforts, quality and care, accompanied by a heartfelt smile.
Hotel Corallo Diano Marina
Are you planning a holiday with your children on the Liguria Riviera? The Raffy Hotel in Diano Marina is the perfect solution. A member of the Italy Family Hotels consortium, the hotel offers many services including the mini-club, the swimming pool, services for kids and naturally the fact that it is very close to the sea
Hotel Corallo Diano Marina
We delight in pampering them both and making them feel beloved and joyous, as if this were their home from home by the sea.
Why choose us: close to the sea, long breakfast hours, trip ideas and a myriad of services for our four-legged friends.